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For more than three decades, The Ostermueller Group has served attorneys’ & their clients’ needs for independent valuation advisors and appraisers, certified fraud examiners, exec comp evaluation advisors, expert witnesses and merger/acquisition transactions/ economic damages advisors. The Ostermueller Group provides the services listed below.

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Business Valuations

For over 35 years, The Ostermueller Group has been providing Business Valuation services to clients in the St. Louis, MO area, as well as across the US and into Canada & the UK.
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St. Louis MO Forensic Accounting Team

When an attorney or client calls upon The Ostermueller Group’s fraud investigation/forensic accounting services they are, In effect, asking us to apply the basic elements of our firm’s core competencies to assist them. They are also relying on our expert witness testifying experience and our skills in clearly & concisely communicating findings of more complex levels of financial & operations’ systems analysis, to be available if needed.
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Damages Calc/ Expert Testimony

The Ostermueller Group and its affiliates work hand-in-hand with attorneys and other litigation support personnel to effectively deliver our expert testimony regarding our valuation and economic damage calculations or related opinions as expert witnesses to clients, judges and juries.
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Executive - Owner Compensation

The Ostermueller Group assists private company owners/executives to prepare for and defend against reasonableness challenges by the IRS, minority shareholders and others. The Ostermueller Group also assists in resolving owner/executive compensation issues that arise in marital dissolutions and in business valuations where adjustments to Executive/Owner Compensation expenses materially affect (or potentially should do so) the value of the subject entity.
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Buy - Sell - Merger Assistance

The Ostermueller Group has in-depth experience in business brokerage and other buy-sell transaction settings, and has provided independent valuations and hypothetical value indication consulting to both sellers of existing businesses and investors considering the purchase of a business.
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Collaborative/  Mediative Services

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation similarities:
Collaborative Family Law, as a process, is based on:
  • a pledge not to go to court,
  • an open exchange of information and
  • on reaching the best possible agreement for your family.
Similarly, The Missouri Supreme Court describes Mediation as "a process in which:
  • a neutral third party
  • facilitates communications between the parties
  • to promote settlement." Rule 17.01.
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