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Client Kudos


Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail on my LLC business appraisals.

You took a very hard to understand situation and made it easier to understand on my family’s LLC appraisals due to the deaths of my father and uncle. It was great how you worked with our accountants to make sure we were getting everything right for the estate and most importantly the IRS.

Again I want to thank you for all your help and would highly recommend your services to anyone that needed them.

Mikeal Latham

Thank you so much for your superb presentation on business valuations last week. I am greatful to you, Gary Trugman, Ralph Ostermueller, and the AICPA for all your colective effort in organizing, preparing, and presenting the materials and the program. The judges who attended said the program was excellent and well worth their time, about the highest praise one can get from judges.

It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again. Once again, I appreciate very much all your time and thoughful work and the great result it produced.

John S. Cooke, Director, The Federal Judicial Center, Washington DC

I thought it appropriate to inform you that we officially engaged Mr. Ralph E. Ostermueller, C. P.A., A. S. A. (as you had recommended) to perform an evaluation of our closely held company. We interviewed various appraisers and were most impressed with Mr. Ostermueller's credentials and knowledge. Although his bid/ quote was the highest, he waS'unanimously approved to perform the engagement.

We have recently received his draft report and based upon the document and its supporting schedules, our impressions of Mr. Ostermueller's credentials and knowledge proved to be correct. He not only performed his work in an expedient and professional manner, he displayed a great deal of understanding of our industry and of manufacturing in general. He also gave much valued insight on several key issues that proved to be most intriguing and thought provoking.

In closing, I would like to commend you on your referral. I have also forwarded a copy of this letter to Mr. Ostermueller. We would like to extend to you and to Mr. Ostermueller our permission to utilize Didion Manufacturing as a reference for your future clients, should you desire to do it. Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Best wishes,
John E. Chandler, Treasurer, St. Louis, MO

Ralph, I write to you today to thank you for the valuation excellence that you provided the Coghlin Companies in our divestiture process. The divestiture is now complete. I believe that financially it was completed equitably, and I believe that Ted and I will have an excellent brother relationship going forward.

I know our valuation process was somewhat difficult, and I want you to know that I appreciate all of the time, effort, energy, knowledge, and particularly the wisdom that you brought to the process.

Please know you have my sincere best wishes for continued success with all of your endeavors.

With thanks,

James W. Coghlin, Sr.
Greater Boston, MA

I am writing to you regarding Ralph Ostermueller, who just finished an engagement on behalf of one of my clients. Mr. Ostermueller was retained to investigate and value assets, liabilities and fair market value of four (4) separate business entities operated by the Husband. I represented the Wife, and Husband controlled all of the business assets and entities.

The task Mr. Ostermueller faced was monumental as it required extensive forensic accounting; creative discovery and advice to me as the attorney; and sound business judgment as it related to an analysis of personal and business tax returns, particularly with reference to decisions by the business owner to file on a cash versus accrual basis of accounting.

It was Mr. Ostermueller who first discovered errors and possible fraud on the part of the business owner. After Mr. Ostermueller's initial analysis and expert opinion to me, I was able to convince the Court to order an independent, special procedures audit which enabled me to obtain even more information about the manner in which the · business owner was conducting his business to the detriment of his wife.

We obtained an excellent result by settlement in this case, and I can tell you Ralph Ostermueller's expertise and work product contributed greatly to my ability to effect such a settlement.

In dealing with Mr. Ostermueller, I found him to be of extremely high character. He demonstrated integrity and a dedication to the ethics and cannons of his profession. which are exemplary. It was my observation and impression in working with him and watching him testify and perform his duties as a valuation expert that he placed his duty to the Court first. As he articulated, his client was not the person who paid his bill, but was, in fact, the Court. He indicated to the business owner that he did not really care whether the business was worth $.25 or $25,000.00, but that it was his job to find out the true value and make an objective report to the Court. Frankly, that is the best litmus test I can think of for a business valuation expert.

Mr. Ostermueller demonstrated exemplary skills and qualifications in performing the valuation. He was thorough and diligent in his investigation of the industry; he far exceeded the normal due diligence requirements and went above and beyond regarding attention to detail and documentation of areas which assisted me in showing that the business owner was defrauding my client.

It is with pleasure I provide you with this letter of recommendation for Ralph Ostermueller. I will not hesitate to suggest to clients in the future they retain his · services. I might add the professional qualifications and integrity to which he aspires set a very high standard, and it is unfortunate more people in his field hold themselves out as business experts and do not attempt to meet those standards. In this particular case, he put the expert for the business owner to shame, and demonstrated how a business valuation should be done by example of his own due diligence, attention to detail and adherence to his ethical principles.

As a practicing attorney since 1975, I have encountered hundreds of expert witnesses and have prepared thousands of case·s for trial. I can tell you Ralph Ostermueller is at the top of my list regarding his credentials, professionalism and integrity.

I am currently a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers; and past President of the Missouri Chapter of same; and devote all of my time exclusively to" the practice of matrimonial law. I am also chairperson of the Family Law Section of The Missouri Bar, and have been its chair for the past three (3) years. If you have any questions about any other detail of Ralph Ostermueller's credentials, please feel free to contact me at any time.
James Cook, Attorney, Kansas City MO.

I am proud to present this recommendation for Mr. Ralph Ostermueller.

Mr. Ostermueller was engaged by me as my business valuation expert in a litigation matter in Macon, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia during the fall of 1999.

The litigation was an adversary proceeding initiated by me in the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Georgia. The matter involved the valuation of a minority interest in a professional corporation of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Ostermueller's work resulted in a quick favorable settlement of the proceeding, and in fact was the catalyst for its conclusion after lengthy and complex legal pleadings.

The attorneys involved for both sides are widely acclaimed in their fields and they practice not only locally but nationally as well.

The level of expertise and the presentation by Mr. Ostermueller was very impressive, and I don't think the attorneys had ever been exposed to this level of expertise before.

In fact I don't think the valuation expert for the other side ( although nationally known) had ever been exposed to the depth of the valuation issues presented by Mr. Ostermueller.

I think it may be common for many valuation experts to use basic "boilerplate" presentations to support conclusions. However, Mr. Ostermueller demonstrated that he is far beyond using basic techniques. He possesses skills that take years to develop and perfect. (He can also be extremely intimidating to the opposing side).

Finally, Mr. Ostermueller can take complex business valuation information and explain it in terms that can be understood more easily by judges and juries. His communication skills are impeccable, and I feel this is the most important attribute of all.
James Taylor, CPA, Bolingbrook, GA.

I am writing this letter to recommend Ralph Ostermueller and The Ostermueller Group to anyone who is looking for financial valuation support of any kind.

My specific relationship with Mr. Ostermueller was as an expert witness in a legal matter between a past business partner.

Without going in to too much detail, the matter was settled out of court. The forensic and market value valuations completed by The Ostermueller Group were in no small part helpful to the parties reaching an agreement.

Again, I would recommend Ralph Ostermueller and The Ostermueller-Group for any type of business valuation needs, forensic analysis.

James Morgan, Member/Manager, Murphysboro, IL.