Sample Project: Wrongful Death Claim in Canadian Supreme Court (Plaintiff)

Project Nature: Wrongful Death  Claim- Expert Witness (Plaintiff) – Whitehorse, Yukon Canadian Supreme Court  

SIC:  8021 (Dentists, Orthodontists)

Company Size:  Confidential

Assignment Issues:  Engaged by non-US attorneys for an  international insurance firm.  Their client’s husband, an orthodontist, died when his hired airplane crashed while on a Canadian back-woods private trip.  Liability was clearly established, insurance coverages were outlined, and the trial in Canadian Supreme Court focused on damages.

We profiled the deceased orthodontist’s practice versus all others in the U.S., and proved it to be of the highest caliber, from a financial productivity standpoint.  Our report and in-court testimony was cited in the presiding Justice’s Reasons for Judgment as being acceptable without change as the final basis for damages, which were the largest amount  ($4 million)  ever awarded  by that court for a wrongful death action.


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