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Executive or Owner Compensation

The Ostermueller Group provides the following services to assist private company owners/executives to prepare for and defend against reasonableness challenges by the IRS, minority shareholders and others. The Ostermueller Group also assists in resolving owner/executive compensation issues that arise in marital dissolutions and in business valuations where adjustments to Executive/Owner Compensation expenses materially affect (or potentially should do so) the value of the subject entity.

These services include:

• Ensuring that compensation program goals are linked with organization strategy and balanced with risk-appropriate stakeholder returns.
• Determining the appropriate levels of compensation via benchmarking.
• Assessing and improving processes for determining executive compensation.
• Ensuring compliance with intermediate sanctions regulations for nonprofit entities.
• Providing proactive programs for compliance with IRS Compensation Reasonableness guidelines for privately-held entities.
• Developing incentive compensation programs when appropriate.
• Assisting Boards of Directors and management on compensation matters.
• Designing and implementing performance management programs.
• Advising on general employee compensation.
• Assisting with negotiating compensation terms for new hires.
• Offering expert witness testimony on executive compensation issues and challenges for public and private entities.
• Serving as an executive compensation reasonableness determinations speaker at industry and national professional conferences.

Ralph Ostermueller, president of The Ostermueller Group’s strategic partner Executive Compensation Solutions, Inc., has extensive experience in compensation consulting to both private and public entities and has specific experience determining Executive Compensation Reasonableness in response to IRS challenges and in litigation settings for plaintiff and defense parties as a testifying expert.

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