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Damage Calculations and Expert Testimony

The Ostermueller Group and its affiliates work hand-in-hand with attorneys and other litigation support personnel to effectively deliver our expert testimony regarding our valuation and economic damage calculations or related opinions as expert witnesses to clients, judges and juries

The Ostermueller Group assists counsel, from pre-case analysis through all phases of litigation/arbitration, through to post-judgment analyses, in matters such as:

• Loss of business value
• Fraud and embezzlement (civil or criminal)
• Forensic accounting-related preliminary investigations
• Lost profit analyses
• Contract/trust administration disputes
• Quantification of economic damages
• Dissident shareholder/oppression actions (i.e., fair value determinations)
• IRS challenges to executive/owner compensation reasonableness
• Court-appointed duties (e.g., civil and estate/trust matters)
• Valuations in federal and state bankruptcy proceedings
• Marital dissolutions( for either or both parties)
• Securities broker malpractice
• Mediation of business value–related disputes

The Ostermueller Group has the skills and experience to successfully manage and execute complex projects, especially those within an ongoing litigation. We often assist attorneys and their clients in the earlier stages of litigation by providing services such as:

• Pre-case assessments/consulting on preliminary damages analysis; reviews or development of initial damages theories; understanding the applicable standard(s) of value appropriate to this specific matter in this specific venue.
• Development or review of appropriate data/information to be included in initial or subsequent interrogatories.
• Preparing the forgoing to complement questions/areas of inquiry likely to assist counsel in planning for or conducting depositions of specific witnesses, including depositions of likely or known expert witnesses.

The Ostermueller Group strives to bring a positive and value-added contribution to both the litigator and to their client, while maintaining our professional objectivity and fulfilling our continuing charge to assist the Trier of Fact.

The basis of a winning expert valuation testimony is often the credible, on-point and defensible report of the valuation expert. It is the expert’s ultimate charge to artfully communicate that report’s contents, rationale and conclusions in a concise manner that is also appropriate to the specific Trier of Fact for your matter.