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Business Valuation

For over 35 years, The Ostermueller Group has been providing Business Valuation services to clients in the St. Louis, MO area, as well as across the US and into Canada & the UK.

Our founder, Ralph Ostermueller, ASA, CPA/ABV, CFE has been retained as Expert Witness to testify and provide independent business valuation opinions for many purposes. For the AICPA, he co-developed and co-presented a full day course & video-taping on the Use of Experts in Federal Courts to assembled members of the US Federal Judiciary in Washington, DC. He has served on ASA’s Board of Examiners for business valuation credentialing and on the AICPA’s Business Valuation sub-committee, the AICPA’s senior business valuation technical body.

We have been retained as experts by attorneys and client entities of varying sizes and legal definitions/ forms. Our valuation subjects often are located in diverse and multiple locations and operate in many different industries and professions.

The following is a sampling of the subjects and situations for which we have performed Business Valuations and related dispute resolution expert testimony (in multiple U.S. local, state, federal (District & Bankruptcy) & Canadian supreme courts) & planning/ analysis services:

•  Bankruptcy/ Liquidation issues
•  Buy-sell agreements
•  Buy-sell planning
•  Business brokerage, buy-sell - services/ consulting
•  Business strategy
•  Capital finance transactions
•  Closely held business Interests
•  Collaborative divorce
•  Commercial damages
•  Compensation reasonableness determinations/ disputes
•  Construction & other industry-related issues
•  Corporate ownership and valuation disputes
•  Corporate securities
•  Damages compilations/ dispute analysis – defense & plaintiff
•  Dissenting minority shareholder/ shareholder oppression matters
•  Divorce
•  ESOPs
•  Estate and gift tax-planning or reporting/ tax filings
•  Forensic accounting
•  Fraud investigations & inquiries
•  Finance - planning/ analysis
•  Income and charitable contributions
•  Insurance claims – plaintiff & defense
•  Intellectual property/ Intangibles-related
•  IRS challenges (e.g., valuation, officer compensation &/or related constructive dividend/ reasonableness issues)
•  Liability & Debt Instruments’ valuations
•  Mediation/ arbitration/ settlement-related services
•  Mergers, acquisitions and other forms of Corporate Reorganization
•  Mezzanine & capital finance - services/ consulting
•  Personal Damages matters - Plaintiff & Defense
•  Professional practice valuation & dispute-related issues, E.g.:
     • Legal
    • Health Care
    • CPA Services
    • Other Financial Services (E.g., insurance, real estate, Investment, finance)
•  Stock options
•  Shareholder/partner disputes
•  Tax planning and compliance issues
•  Transaction-related Valuation Services

For more information about our Business Valuation and Expert Testimony services, contact us at (314) 965-5921 or or see Consultations and Fees in the FAQ section.