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Very often, when we are called-in to provide our fraud/forensic–related services, it is an inadvertent discovery or simply an intuitive suspicion or concern by management that fraudulent activity is taking place. In some cases it is an employee’s or other whistle blower’s report that first alerts management.

Initially, we conduct a confidential initial review with management and any others, including internal or external professionals already involved, to help define the focus, scope and strategic objectives/activities indicated. These will usually be forensic accounting techniques related to accounting records, or computer forensics/ data mining related to applicable computer systems and digital storage media, or both.

Our Core Competencies are in this Field

When an attorney or client calls upon The Ostermueller Group’s fraud investigation/forensic accounting services, they are also relying on our expert witness testifying experience and our skills in performing and communicating more complex levels of financial/ economic/systems analysis, to be available if needed.

In effect, they are asking us to apply the basic elements of our firm’s core competencies to assist them.

Whenever possible, part of each fraud investigation/forensic accounting assignment is to eventually work with client ownership and their external professionals in a proactive review effort. By taking a proactive approach at the assignment’s conclusion, we can use the knowledge/experience gained to help all involved to make needed changes and take appropriate actions to deter these and other fraudulent activities from reoccurring.

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