Engagement Agreements/Fees

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Nearly all of our services are provided under fixed fee or not-to-exceed/phased fee arrangements, including an initial retainer.

In larger matters, we may have “phases” to our work, as it is sometimes difficult to determine the complete scope of the project up front.

After we have had a chance to discuss your matter with you or your attorney/advising professionals, examine the available documentation and consider the required scope of the work, we will provide a written proposal and fee arrangement appropriate to the specifics your matter(s).

When the proposal is signed, it becomes our mutual Engagement Agreement and Terms of our services and related fees.

It is our normal practice to not begin work on the project until that mutual agreement has been reached regarding the assignment definition, scope of work and corresponding fees, and an engagement retainer is received.

Our initial retainers usually range from $3,000-$5,000 or more, depending on anticipated engagement size. We normally require a deposit of at least 50 percent of the estimated project fee prior to beginning work, with the balance due in full before the expert report is provided in draft or final form and before we schedule depositions or testimony.

For engagements with shorter deadlines or unusual circumstances, we may require the entire fee up front.

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