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Initially founded in 1981 as a business brokerage and business consulting firm by Ralph Ostermueller, The Ostermueller Group, LLC is licensed as a CPA firm in Missouri.

The Ostermueller Group has a niche practice centered on providing:

  • Independent business valuations
  • Related buy-sell-capital transaction and business advisory services
  • Forensic accounting/expert witness services
  • Executive/owner compensation reasonableness determinations

It is our firm objective to provide highly competent, responsive, defensible and professional opinions/work products while maintaining independence and objectivity.


Who and Where We Serve
Our clients are attorneys, CPAs and their public and private entity clients, private entity stakeholders, individuals, bankers and insurance companies. We do not provide the tax, assurance and accounting/bookkeeping services typically provided by other CPAs. Over the last three decades, The Ostermueller Group has served clients from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In civil dispute resolution matters, we are retained by the plaintiff, defense or both attorneys. In criminal matters (typically involving white-collar crimes), we have been retained by counsel for defense or by counsel for aggrieved party(s) wishing to potentially refer a criminal matter for prosecution.

The Ostermueller Group is a member firm of the Financial Consulting Group (FCG), North America’s largest invitation-only organization of independently owned accounting and financial services firms providing business valuations and related litigation support services.


Our Expertise/Testimony Experience

The firm is often called to provide expert testimony, mediation services and other work products regarding:

  • Business valuations
  • Economic damages
  • Suspected fraud/forensic accounting issues
  • Challenges to the reasonableness of executive/private company owner compensation

The Ostermueller Group has provided expert testimony in a variety of litigation/arbitration/mediation venues, including multiple U.S. Federal, Probate and Bankruptcy Courts, multiple U.S. State Courts and Canadian Supreme Courts.

In 2001, The Ostermueller Group’s founder, Ralph Ostermueller, was appointed to serve as Instructor for the AICPA/Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Center joint program for Federal courts’ judges, held at the Center’s Washington, D.C. national training/A-V facility. The program he co-developed and co-presented, Business Valuation and Use of Experts by the Federal Judiciary included a full day videotaping for distribution to the U.S. Federal Judiciary and a full day class presentation to the attending Federal Judiciary from the U.S. Tax, Claims, District and Bankruptcy Courts.

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